With Consequence [DEMO]

by Toxicology

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released September 23, 2016

Recorded at Streets Rehearsal, Passaic, NJ by Toxicology
Released by Serenity Now Tapes (Limited to 50)

Drums - Elias
Vocals - Mike
Guitar - Ryan
Bass/Vox - Devon

(Side B) - toxicology.bandcamp.com/album/discredit-the-badge-demo



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Toxicology New Jersey

Grindcore/Crustcore since 2011

Drums/Lyrics - Elias
Vocals/Lyrics - Mike
Guitar/B.Vox - Ryan
Bass/B.Vox - Devon


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Track Name: Monetary Values
Life isn't valued
In a monetary system
Dictated by greed
We're paying to live

Can’t afford the price
Then you afford to die
Insurance corporations
Dropping plans by the second

They're all rich
They don't care
Buying suits with
Healthcare profit

There’s no value for your life

Doomed to die, not your choice
And we keep paying them?
Track Name: Impossible Demands
Infinite debt
For a few more
Years to live
Doctors bought out
Raked right in
We're the slaves
They're testing

Only operate
for the right price
Drugs that shock the body
Given to patients

Best way to bring in profit

And keep you...
Coming back
Needing them
Relying on their lies
Our ignorance
Keeps them employed
With no end in sight

They will not try to help you
They don't want you to heal
They want to lock you in a cycle
To bring in more yield
Track Name: With Consequence
Companies paying
Waste spewing in the sea
Shredding gills
Choking millions

No regards...
With consequence...

Oil drenched feathers
Blind deformed fish
Corpses on the beach
Tainted with garbage

No regards...
With consequence...

How can you ignore
Sludge ridden waters?
Toxic to life
Burning the skin

With Consequence...
No way to dilute
With Consequence...
Oceans disappear

Totaled Ecosystem
Coral bleached
Ignored results
Devoid of concern
With consequence...
Raping the earth!
Track Name: Publicized Murder
Politicians all exposed
Lie by lie they're analyzed
It's all live for us to see
1 by 1 they kill themselves

Budd Dwyers are the daily news
As they're forced to pay
For their world of corruption
Feeding off the innocent

Public Death for all to see

As they end their lives
We'll all sit and smile
At the display of their remorse
Knowing they'll be weeded out

Triggers pulled
At their heads
Force their own

Their bodies lay
As cold as their hearts
As their reign ends
Our future starts

Force them to die

Leave no trace of their existence behind