Shellshock From Birth [DEMO]

by Toxicology

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released May 27, 2013

Recorded in Ryan's basement by Toxicology

Drums - Elias
Vocals - Mike
Guitar/Vox - Ryan
Bass - Devon



all rights reserved


Toxicology New Jersey

Grindcore/Crustcore since 2011

Drums/Lyrics - Elias
Vocals/Lyrics - Mike
Guitar/B.Vox - Ryan
Bass/B.Vox - Devon


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Track Name: Turn Down the Silence
Turn down the silence
Its your time to scream
Let it be known
Let it be your dream
You've been quiet for far too long
Track Name: Inherited Manslaughter
Only the dead see the end of the war
Nothing but death what's there to live for
All you see is slaughter bloody red death
Close your eyes and you'll be next

History shows a bloody past
All this hope that it'll never last
Even the loudest cries end up silent
Shellshock from birth,
Inherited Manslaughter

Steps of youth, stained with blood
Cold dead bodies slayed in the mud
A life glamourized by a family of lies
A world of darkness, breaking ties

Blood is spilled
In the name of peace
Hunger for oil
Never to cease
Track Name: American Terrorist
I'm a harmless citizen
Engaged in peaceful protest
Your men beat down
A violent act of offense

Not a terrorist

National anthem sounds
From protestors angry mouths
As I lay getting beat
By these so called peace keepers